weekly planetSo I was going through some of my podcast subscriptions last night and I decided to listen to the latest episode of the weekly planet. James and Nick are probably my favorite internet personalities and I always eagerly await the new episodes. So I was listening last night and much to my surprise, they briefly spoke of my Chris Pine is Hal Jordan theory.

Chris Pine is ALSO Hal Jordan theory

I just wanted to thank them and tell them that I genuinely appreciate it, no matter how small it may seem to them. Also, if you enjoy my articles, you will probably enjoy the podcast The Weekly Planet and/or Mr. Sunday Movies youtube channel. If you do not like my articles then you also may very well enjoy the podcast because it’s much better than this thing. Also, follow them on twitter and tell them Dylan says thanks or Fuggedaboutit!

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment on something you agree with or passionately disagree with so we can get some conversation going. Cheers guys.