chris nolan again 1We’re back folks. Here to finish the utter madness that began yesterday on this very site. If you recall, we were discussing the connections of The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar and that they’re secretly a trilogy. We already covered the plot and the characters (link to part 1 at the end of the paragraph)  so now we’r e gonna cover the themes and some more specific connections. Now, we continue.


There are so many themes that are ever-present in Chris Nolan films. Themes of betrayal and sacrifice, but, in these three movies, the theme of greatness. In The Prestige, Robert Angier claims that he chases Borden’s secret so that he can ruin him for killing his wife. It is revealed at the end that he didn’t do it for that as all. He did it for “the look on their faces”. He wanted the greatness. The recognition. The legacy. This is greatness out of desire. In Inception, Cobb prides himself on being the best extractor. So when Mr. Saito comes to him with the task of performing inception, he can’t help but except. Even though his only friend and partner warns him that it is just too hard to be done. Cobb takes manages to complete the inception on time and without any trace under some pretty terrible circumstances. This shows greatness out of obligation. It merely serves as the means to very personal ends for Cobb. Now we move to Interstellar with Cooper, a trained pilot and engineer. Cooper loves to fly but can’t do it due to past complications. So he farms to make ends meet. That is until he is offered the chance to do something great. To save the world from complete extinction of all human life. Cooper excepts even though he very much doesn’t want to. He does it because he needs to. Everyone will die if he doesn’t go. This is greatness out of need. The progression of greatness and it’s role in these stories shows very much haw greatness goes in the world of film making. You start out wanting the greatness for the notoriety and for the reputation like Angier. You then need greatness as a means to keep yourself relevant and in the public eye, even if it’s just so you can get back to making more movies, much like Cobb. Finally, on the end of your career, if you want to keep making movies, you have to do something great. Otherwise you become irrelevant and out of work. There are far too many to write down here. Write in the comments if there’s others you want to talk about. But now, we’re gonna wrap this up and tie it all together.


I think that these three Christopher Nolan movies do not, in fact, take place in separate fantastic worlds. I believe they all take place in the same world of wonder. I propose that it began as a result of the people backing Nikola Tesla as opposed to Thomas Edison. This pushes technology far beyond what it is now and into a modern era of amazing tech and large corporations. Enter Inception. With the advancement of technology at this new accelerated rate, dream sharing was invented. This and many other miracles of the modern age lead to the growth of the super corporations. Corporations such as Proclus Global, Saito’s company, and Fischer Morrow, Fischer’s company. All of this industry eventually collapsed in on itself and the earth’s overpopulation began to take a toll on natural resources. Many years pass and we get Interstellar. A world where amazing technology exists but there is no time for the “useless machines” anymore. This is a world that has seen the age of wonders fall and now live as farmers. However, there is still some hope. NASA secretly working underground with state of the art inventions. Inventions that were clearly left over from a previous age of wonders. Now that the earth has been abandoned, the age of wonders will return for the Christopher Nolan Trilogy of Humanity.

Thanks for reading. Cheers guys.