chris nolan hans zChristopher Nolan is my absolute favorite director working today. There is no question about it. He makes the movies that I love to see for the first time and then watch over and over again. He is, quiet literally, the reason I love movies. His next film has recently been announced though, as a World War 2 thriller entitled Dunkirk. I was very shocked and immediately excited at the prospect of Nolan tackling the second World War.  Many of the best directors of all time have worked in this time period, such as Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Roberto Benigni, and more. For as many great things that could come out of this new film, I do have a few concerns. So we’re gonna do an ups and downs list right now, starting with ups.


Many were concerned after Interstellar how Nolan would escalate from such an ambitious story. It was right in front of us the whole time. Tell the true story of the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of allied soldiers from Nazi occupied France will absolutely escalate the ambition. Not only is it an incredibly imperative event of World War 2, but it is not very well known and should be known due to its importance. In addition, Nolan’s fondness for practical explosions, real locations and sets, and overall realism in his movies should add much depth to the story and help the actors give the most authentic performances. Speaking of the actors, the first 3 are fantastic. You have the fantastic Kenneth Branagh, who was a very pleasant surprise, the world renowned stage actor Mark Rylance, and leading them all off will be the increasingly amazing Tom Hardy. Tom Hardy doesn’t give bad performances and I’m happy he’s in the lead, mostly because of his relationship with Chris Nolan. However, I do still have a few concerns about this new direction.


One of the best parts about any Christopher Nolan movie is the ending. They are shocking, exciting and often very very satisfying for the viewer. The thing that makes them so great, though, is how no one sees how or what is coming until it arrives on screen. This movie being based on a true story means that we can go online and read about  the ending right now. It just takes some of the magic away, you know. Also it doesn’t seem link there will be any non-linearity to the structure. This is, again, one of the great joys of the Christopher Nolan film. Half the fun of Memento is piecing it together at the end and then re-watching it. And, as much as I praise Tom Hardy for his acting abilities and good relationship with Mr. Nolan, I wish he would’ve picked someone new. When I saw the cast I was happy until I thought “How cool would it have been if he cast someone he’d never worked with like Michael Fassbender or something to lead?” Again, I think Tom Hardy will do wonderful in the film but I might always have that reservation. Who knows? Maybe Hardy is the only person who could play this part. I guess we’ll have to wait until it comes out. Speaking of which, it comes out among a slew of other films that will make more money than it. They just will. As much as Nolan’s name is respected, it is not as well known as Spiderman. I’m just concerned, for the film’s sake, that is might get slaughtered at the box office.

That’s about it. I am still incredibly excited for the film. It is now my most anticipated for next year and if you agreed with anything I said, slap your email in that follow box and leave a comment to tell me you agree or how i’m completely wrong and it’ll be perfect or how i’m wrong and it’ll be terrible. I’d love to talk with you guys about it. Cheers, guys.