green-lantern-copy.jpgRecently actor Chris Pine was brought into the DC universe to play Steve Trevor, a friend a love interest to DC’s Wonder Woman. Rumors speculated awhile back that Pine would either play Trevor or the second Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Warner Brothers later announced that Pine would in fact be playing Steve Trevor in a Wonder Woman film reportedly set in World War I. I propose to you that Chris Pine will later portray Hal Jordan, who in the DC cinematic universe, is the grandson of Steve Trevor.

It would make a lot of since for the two characters to share some relation. Steve Trevor is a U.S. military intelligence officer in the US Army Air Corps and Hal Jordan is an Air Force pilot. Both have military backgrounds and both showed the ability to achieve higher things with Steve becoming the  liaison for Themyscira and Hal being inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. They have mostly similar personalities, with Steve being slightly more endearing and Hal being more sarcastic. Even DC seems to know of their similarities, having Nathan Fillion voicing both of the characters on several occasions. I wish there was more to speculate about but we’ve seen so little of the DC cinematic universe that making any assumptions will sound very far-fetched.  Nevertheless, I believe this is how it can happen…

At the end of Wonder Woman (2017), after she meets and unknowingly falls in love with Steve Trevor and has to defend “Man’s World” from a threat no one else could possibly handle, the destruction and potential fallout caused by battle with whatever villain she faces (presumably Ares) will cause her to be shunned by the public and labeled as a blood-lust filled warrior who has no place on this world. She will then be forced to leave and go back to Themyscira and leave what she’s learned to love. She has to say goodbye to Steve Trevor who loves her as well. Trevor, who brought Wonder Woman here and told the world she was not a threat, is now dishonorably discharged from the military for his alleged “crimes”. Later on, after he’s married someone else and had children, his children  change their last names to distance themselves from their father’s bad reputation. However, his youngest daughter, Jessica Trevor, did not change her name, believing her father to be good. She grows up and marries Air Force pilot, Martin Jordan,  and they have a son, Hal Jordan. Hal enlists in the Air Force and grows up to be their ace pilot.

Enter Batman v. Superman. Wonder Woman, who has been restricted from entering Man’s World ever again, has a dream about the destruction of earth due to the conflict between the Batman and Superman. Though she said she’d never go back, she returns to save the world that hates her. Hal Jordan, who is off world on Oa, learning to use his newly bestowed Green Lantern ring, receives word of the problems on earth and begins his return journey to protect earth, which is in the sector of the universe he must protect. He returns too late for the finale of Batman v. Superman, but he does meet Wonder Woman , who is shocked that she’s meeting a man who reminds her so much of her former love and looks exactly like him. This could lead to her trusting Hal and the reason he joins the Justice League in the first place, a team he really feels no need to join.

I realize that this would take a lot on DC’s part and I’m not sure they’re willing to change the characters around enough to do it. I do, however, think this is potentially the best way to re-introduce Green Lantern into DC cinema and add some more Pathos to the warrior that is Wonder Woman. It’s just a proposal. And if i’m really being honest, Nathan Fillion voice acting never lies to us.  #NathanFilliondontlie

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